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Alpha Nano-OFC conductor: diameter 2.5mm (12 AWG)
– Insulation: Special grade Flexible PVC (Brown, Light Blue, Green/Yellow) diameter 5.0mm
– Inner Sheath: Special grade Flexible PVC (Black) diameter 12.0mm
– Shield: 0.12mm OFC Wire Braid
– Outer Sheath: Flexible PVC (Dark Blue) diameter 16.0mm

Cena: Koupit na superhifi.cz

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Does everything in the signal path make a difference?

When it comes to AC power, absolutely. Every sound, image and feeling that you get from your audio and video systems comes as a direct result of that power. And since the AC runs through your power cords first, it’s easy to understand how they can influence the quality of the signal just as much as any other cable in your system – if not more.

Furutech’s new gold and silver Nano Liquid solution

The Furutech FP-S032N power cord uses one of the finest conductors our engineers have designed: the Alpha Nano-Ag-Au, featuring our new, finely-tuned gold and silver Nano Liquid. Nano Liquid is a highly effective transmission enhancer, carefully designed to further heighten the performance of our already legendary Alpha-OFC conductors with their patented two-step cryogenic and demagnetization process for superior signal transfer.

The molecules in Nano Liquid are so small (approximately 8 nanometers in diameter, or 8/1,000,000th of a millimeter) that they finely coat the conductors and smooth out any and all microscopic surface irregularities that can affect signal transfer and impedance. That means, quite simply, that there is a greater contact area for the conductor.

Nano Liquid is created by precisely mixing super-micro particles made of both gold and silver, along with a dispersion of Squalene oil. Furutech’s engineers discovered that they could affect sound quality by carefully varying the relative ratios of gold, silver and oil. Extensive testing then followed, until the optimum ratio was achieved. In essence, they ‘tuned’ the Nano Liquid to deliver the most balanced, musical sound achievable – the sound that could only be the result of the purest transmission of AC power.

When you install Furutech’s Alpha Nano-Ag-Au power cords in a high quality audio or video system, you can expect the following improvements:
• A lower noise floor, which allows more music to flow through your system.
• Increased dynamics, particularly with complex passages that can sound muddled and confused through lesser power cables.
• Deeper and tighter low frequencies with greater texture and 3-D palpability.
• Natural and more life-like midrange clarity, preserving the original qualities of any particular recording.
• Higher resolution and greater detail without sounding bright or analytical, allowing you hear even more deeply into your favorite music.
• An increase in soundstage size, as well as more specific imaging within that soundstage, for a more realistic performance experience.
• Higher video resolution with more realistic colors and clarity.

Audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts and professional recording engineers have all noticed the significant improvements in performance for all types of audio, video and display devices – all by merely switching to Furutech’s Alpha Nano-Ag-Au power cords throughout a system.

In short, everything in the signal path does indeed make a difference. Hear and see the difference that the Furutech Alpha Nano-Ag-Au power cord can make in your system.

Note* FP-S35N & FP-S032N have the same specifications
Voltage rating: 20A 125V / 16A 250V


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